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We are excited to have a pool of photographers and video professionals. All our photographers are assigned according to their specific areas of expertise. If you don’t see the style you’re looking for or would like to speak with an associate please contact our production manager, Ron at 310.577.8660.

Beauty, Commercial,  Editorial, Fashion, Glamour and Portrait Photography:

Hair, makeup, styling, props and lighting provided if needed.

Staged settings can be provided. These may include studio, backdrop, props, lighting, background extras and more…

Remote settings can be accommodated. Creating a realistic setting for your photography is just a step outside your door or an hour away to the beach, mountains, city or desert.

Portrait or Corporate Photography

Portrait photography subjects are often non-professional models. Business owners, staff, CEO and “C” level, Authors, Entertainers, Families are all candidates for portrait photographs. It’s common for an annual report, press release, ad or promotional piece to have a portrait photo incorporated into the piece. Our photographer can help stage the perfect photo for your needs.

Product, Real Estate or Location Photography

Product photography is usually a shot of your product. You may need several styles of the product shot for consumers, distributors, retailers or investors.

Real Estate Photography: If you’re in residential or commercial property you know what an important role photography can play.  Our experienced exterior and interior photographer can create a complete portfolio for each property.

Location Photography

You may need an interior or exterior photo of your office or building. This may require specific lighting and equipment.




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